BlueSky Cirrus Syn EP 68

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41.00 LBS
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BlueSky Cirrus Syn EP 68 is a Premium Equivalent to:

Summit Syngear SH-70068

BlueSky Cirrus Syn EP 68 bearing & gear oil’s synthetic base fluid has outstanding oxidation and thermal stability, naturally high viscosity index and excellent low temperature pumpability and fluidity. BlueSky Cirrus Syn EP 68 is fortified with a select extreme pressure additive system to enhance their exceptional performance. BlueSky Cirrus Syn EP 68 gear & bearing oil’s unique additive system provides increased oxidation stability, extreme-pressure properties, and maximum protection against wear, rust, corrosion and foaming. The additive system not only reduces frictional drag, but also protects gears against failures associated with heavy loading and meets the requirements of AGMA 250.04 and API GL-4 Gear Service Category. BlueSky Cirrus Syn EP 68 gear & bearing oils will reduce friction, thereby reducing the input power to operate the equipment or increasing the available power output. The reduction of fluid friction results in lower lubricant operating temperatures, prolonging the life of both the lubricant and the equipment.

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