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BlueSky Lubricants is a division of Petroleum Service Company, which is the online pioneer and leader in e-commerce for petroleum products, rust preventative coatings, and application equipment. If you browse our online store you will notice that we have an extensive line of compressor oils, environmentally friendly and food grade lubricants, and hydraulic oils.

BlueSky Lubricants can accommodate any order size and is designed for your convenience. Whether you are a professional buyer with a need for high volume and bulk or an operation looking for smaller quantities, there are many options available. From New York City to Seoul to Dublin to Rome, Bluesky can assist in your logistics needs. Work with your freight forwarder of choice or utilize our preferred shipping solution from UPS to receive your Bluesky products anywhere in the world.

When will my order arrive? See below for UPS Ground shipping estimates from our warehouse in Pennsylvania.

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Bluesky can refer you to UPS for world class logistics solutions and freight forwarding services:

For Air Freight Customer Service phone: 1-800-443-6379
For Ocean Freight Customer Services phone: 1-800-350-8440

Please contact us with questions about quantity, shipping, and specials for high volume or bulk drum orders. Our helpful and knowledgeable team can provide a quote and be your logistics guide for shipping bulk quantity orders.

If you can't find the product you are looking for here or if you have any technical questions, please feel free to contact us by using our toll free number: 1-855-899-7467