BlueSky Cirrus Syn 100

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41.00 LBS
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BlueSky Cirrus Syn 100 is a Premium Equivalent to:

76 Syncon R&O 100 | Castrol Isolube 100 | Chevron Hyperspin 100 | Citgo Citgear Synthetic HT 100 | Conoco Syncon R&O 100 | Exxon Teresstic SHP 100 | Fuchs Renolin Unisyn CKC 100 | Lubrication Engineers 9100 Monolec Synthetic Industrial Oil | Lubriplate Syn Lube 100 | Mobil SHC 627 | Petrol-Canada Synduro SHB 100 | Phillips 66 Syncon R&O 100 | Shell Morlina S4 B 100 | Shell Omala RL 100 | Summit Syngear SH-7100 | Texaco Cetus PAO 100 | Texaco Pinnacle 100

BlueSky Cirrus Syn 100 is a synthetic gear and bearing oils formulated using synthesized hydrocarbon fluid and select additives to enhance oxidation resistance and provide maximum protection against corrosion, rust, wear and foaming. The high viscosity index of BlueSky Cirrus Syn 100 provides lower viscosities for easy start-up and minimal internal friction at lower temperatures and higher viscosities, therefore greater film thickness at higher temperatures. BlueSky Cirrus Syn 100 synthesized hydrocarbon fluid provides significantly better thermal and oxidation stability, as well as increased protection against the loss of viscosity than do conventional good quality mineral oils. The low coefficient of friction of the BlueSky Cirrus Syn 100 lubricant substantially reduces power consumption and gearbox operating temperature, further prolonging the useable life of this lubricant.

Regulation Compliances

  • European Union: REACH Compliant
  • Canada: Contains NDSL listed ingredient
  • New Zeland: Unknown, can evaluate as needed.

To view information about the different Regulation Compliances please visit our Regulation Compliances page


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