BlueSky Stratus FG-460

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41.00 LBS
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BlueSky Stratus FG 460 is a Premium Equivalent to:

Jax Magna-Plate FG 460 | Lubriplate FMO-2400 AW | Summit Unipar FG-460

BlueSky Stratus FG 460 is a specially formulated gear and bearing oil designed to be used in the operating of food service and packaging companies. This oil is not only safe for this type of environment, but it is also effective. Some of the properties it possesses are

  • NSF Registered
  • Meets USDA 1998 (H-1) guidelines
  • Kosher approved
  • Fortified with oxidation inhibitors
  • Fortified with anti-wear/EP additives to pass the highest stages of the FZG test


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