BlueSky PureBlu Hydraulic Oil 68

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BlueSky PureBlu Hydraulic AW 68 is a Premium Equivalent to:

76 Megaflow AW 68 | Castrol Blue Hydraulic Plus 68 | Castrol Paradene AW 68 | Chevron Rykon AW 68 | Chevron Rando HD 68 | Conoco Megaflow AW 68 | Fuchs Renolin AW 68 | Exxon Nuto H 68 | Gulf Harmony R&O AW 68 | Lubrication Engineers 4968 AP Hydraulic Oil | Lubriplate HO-68 Hydraulic Oil | Mobil DTE 26 | Petro-Canada Harmony AW 68 | Phillips 66 Megaflow AW 68 | Shell Tellus AW 68 | Shell Tellus S2 M68 | Sunoco Sunvis 868 | Texaco Rando HD 68

BlueSky PureBlu Hydraulic Oil 68 is a premium-quality, blue colored, anti-wear hydraulic oils with excellent stability, deigned to meet the most stringent requirements of most all major manufacturers and users of hydraulic equipment. This oil is characterized by outstanding rust protection, low deposit formation, good demulsibility, rapid release of entrained air, oxidation resistance, low pour points and good anti-foam properties. They also contain an effective anti-wear agent that helps reduce wear in high speed, high-pressure vane and gear pumps. In addition, a blue, leak detection dye is added to help assist in recognizing fluid leaks from your piece of equipment. BlueSky PureBlu Hydraulic Oil 68 is recommended for use in vane, gear and piston pumps operated above 3000 psi. These anti-wear hydraulic oils are very effective in reducing vane and gear pump wear and greatly extend the life of systems operating at high loads, speeds and temperatures. As an added bonus, enjoy BlueSky’s clear container that will help you easily estimate how much of your product you have left.

Cincinnati Lamb, Hagglunds-Denison HF-0 and HF-2, Vickers M-2950-S and I-286-S, Passes Vickers 35VQ25 and V104C (ASTM D2882) vane pump tests, passes Denison P-46 piston pump and T-6C vane pump tests, U.S. Steel 127 and 136, and DIN 51524 Part II.

BlueSky PureBlu Hydraulic Oil 68 is particularly well suited for all industrial and mobile hydraulic system applications. These products satisfy the requirements of major hydraulic equipment manufacturers and are suitable for all types of hydraulic pumps except for the very small number of pumps containing silver plated parts which still require non-zinc oils.

• Excellent wear protection
• Rapid release of any entrained air
• Oxidation and thermal stability for long life
• Excellent rust and corrosion protection
• Easy filterability

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