BlueSky Alto Syn SB 46

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41.00 LBS
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BlueSky Alto Syn SB 46 is a Premium Equivalent to:

Atlas Copco GA-4K | Atlas Copco Par Oil M | Champion RotoLub 4000 | Citgo CompressorGard PS 46 | Gardner Denver AEON 4000 | Ingersoll-Rand Pro-Tec | Ingersoll-Rand XHP 405 | Joy AEON 4000 | Kaeser Sigma 4000 M-460 | Leroi SSL-50 | Petro-Canada Super Compressor Fluid 46 | Petro-Canada SCF 46 | Sullair SRF I/4000 | Sullair SRF II/8000 | Summit PS-150

BlueSky Alto Syn SB 46 is a premium synthetic blend air compressor oils that is a blend of synthetic and petroleum base fluids specially designed for compressor applications and are useful in multi-purpose applications. BlueSky Alto Syn SB lighter grades are also well suited for gas and steam turbine applications. BlueSky Alto Syn SB 46 is manufactured using the highest quality base stocks, additive treated with rust and corrosion inhibitors, oxidation control agents, anti-wear compounds and defoamants and is exceptional at controlling sludge and deposits.

Regulation Compliances

  • European Union: REACH Compliant
  • Australia: AICS Compliant
  • Canada: DSL Compliant
  • China: IECSC Compliant
  • Philippines: PICCS Compliant
  • South Korea: KECL Compliant
  • New Zeland: Unknown, can evaluate as needed.
  • Taiwan: Unknown, can evaluate as needed.

To view information about the different Regulation Compliances please visit our Regulation Compliances page


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