BlueSky Alto Syn D 32

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41.00 LBS
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BlueSky Alto Syn D 32 is a Premium Equivalent to:

Chevron Syntholube 32 | Citgo CompressorGard DE 32 | Mobil Rarus 824 | Royco 4032 | Summit DSL-32 | Texaco Syn-Star DE 32 | Ultrachem Chemlube 215

BlueSky Alto Syn D 32 synthetic compressor oils is a unique combinations of quality diester base-stocks and the latest additive technology. BlueSky Alto Syn D 32 lubricant covers applications for rotary vane, rotary screw, and all ages and design-types of reciprocating compressors. BlueSky Alto Syn D 32 lubricant is especially noted for having low temperature fluidity, better thermal conductivity, reduced friction, high temperature thermal stability, greater resistance to mechanical stress, energy efficiency and reduced metal-to-metal wear. BlueSky Alto Syn D 32 lubricant is formulated to keep compressors free of varnish and sludge build-up while extending drain intervals to 8000 hours. BlueSky Alto Syn D 32 lubricant is compatible with almost all elastomers used in compressors and pumps including the paint used in crankcases.

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